Practicing Glitchcraft: Undertale

We all love Undertale. The writing, the branching paths, the battles, the music. And we’re going to love disrupting the unnatural order of Undertale’s world just as much.

On June 25, 2013, Toby Fox launched a Kickstarter campaign that received over ten times the donation goal. Over two years later, Undertale was released and quickly reached critical acclaim. A mind-blowing achievement for a startup indie title and a prime example of how far good game design and a lot of heart can take you. That being said, it’s time to barbecue this sacred cow.

Undyne is so desperate to catch the player that she’s willing to chase them out of bounds to do it. Presumably, holding “up” during the dialogue will activate the glitch.

Mettaton is such a cheater! The poster of this video thinks this softlock may be due to skipping through the dialogue too quickly.

Here’s one that can be useful in a genocide run. By rapidly pressing up and down against a wall, you can spaz out and make random encounters happen easier.

There are other glitches besides these, such as Sans walking through a wall, Monster Kid softlocking the game, and Doggo using an attack that isn’t his. Yes, this game may seem solid and well-built at first, but it takes only a bit of screwing around to expose it for the broken, devil-worshiping abomination that it truly is. Now go have fun taking advantage of the underground denizens’ frail constitutions, you cruel little human, you.

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