E3 2016 Predictions – Jamaal Ryan’s Picks

Batten down the hatches, call out of work, and grab your catheter; it’s E3 time again. While some publishers may be exiting stage left, abandoning the electronic expo for more consumer-directed endeavors, E3 still stands as the video game trade show that grabs the most attention in our industry. Expectations for E3 have become more and more of a moving target, and this year’s no different. With EA stepping out but still soaking up the limelight on the Sunday before, Bethesda entering their second year of holding a press conference, and rumors running rampant on Playstation NEO and Project Scorpio, thinking that we can even predict what’s to come is a fool’s errand, but that’s what we at Power Up Gaming are here to do.

So without further ado, here are five more predictions for E3 2016.

A New Quake Will be Announced

Quake at E3

Bethesda is ballsy enough to host another press conference for a reason. We can expect an Elder Scroll Online update, perhaps another look at Battlecry, and Adam has convinced me that Prey 2 will get announced as well. But after still being high on this year’s second best FPS surprise, Doom, I’m holding out hope for a Quake reveal at their show on Sunday. id Software is no small developer, with a headcount of a few hundred working at the studio. Doom was in development for almost eight years, which is more than enough time to scrap the old Doom 4 concepts and recreate the reboot everyone knows and loves today. My guess is within that time, part of id splintered off to begin work on Quake, which could see an announcement at this year’s E3.

Likeliness: As likely as John Kasich will be the Republican Nominee. Oh wait…

Criterion’s X Sports Game Will Get an Official Title, Set to Release Early Next Year

Criterion at E3

After Three Field’s Entertainment’s disappointing spiritual successor to their former studio’s Burnout franchise, it’s time for Criterion proper to win our hearts back again. Back in E3 2014, at EA’s lets-show-games-too-early conference, they gave us a sneak peek at Criterion’s untitled project, which looks to take the focus off of cars alone, and put the player in, frankly, anything that moves fast. ATVs, helicopters, wingsuits, jet-skies, almost any vehicle or means of going “zoom” that extreme sports athletes could strap a Go-Pro to was featured in their partially wire-framed trailer. This year, I’m making the claim that not only will this untitled project make a return, but it’ll also be set to release February 2017.

Likeliness: As likely as me becoming the next Ninja Warrior champion, which is pretty likely.

Crackdown 3 Will Be Announced for the Fall, Sea of Thieves and ReCore Early Next Year

Crackdown at E3

This year, we’re looking to enter another E3 where Microsoft will continue to boast their dominance as the platform holder with the most console exclusive titles. Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, and ReCore are but of a few of the titles coming exclusively to Xbox One, and it’s time to mark our calendars for when they’ll come out. As shown off at last year’s Gamescom, Crackdown 3 is set to get a beta sometime this summer in preparation for what I believe to be its November release later this year. Sea of Thieves and ReCore, two projects that are seemingly less far along in development, will undoubtedly be set to come out in 2017. For Sea of Thieves, I declare that we’ll see Rare’s highly anticipated new project set to release in April of next year, and ReCore, the collaborative project between Kenji Inafune’s studio Comcept, and up and coming developer Armature, will get a release date in no later than June of 2017.

Likeliness: As likely as Michael Buble is to win in a fight against Chuck Norris.

The New Legend of Zelda Will Follow Link Between Worlds Formula, Allow Multiple Means of Travel

Zelda at E3

If Zelda Wii U/NX turns out to just be a Zelda game in a “If you can see it, you can go there” setting, wouldn’t that be boring? The call for an open world, “Skyrim” styled (perhaps now Witcher styled) Zelda game has hung over the franchise for years. Sure, the series has always facilitated a form of openness, particularly with Windwaker, but Zelda has never hosted the density and uninterrupted freedom we’ve come to expect in more modern titles.

It’s clear that the upcoming Legend of Zelda will be set in an open world, but simply settling for an industry standard – or in this case, a conventional sandbox – was never part of Nintendo’s style or culture. Series producer Eiji Aonuma said in an interview that following Link Between World’s success, he’s become more open to the idea of repositioning Zelda as a less linear franchise. LBW redefined what we’d come to expect from a Zelda title, offering multiple items in the shop, leaving it up to the player to choose between the bomb, boomerang, and the hook-shot before venturing into the item designated dungeon. The idea of freedom to explore and freedom to choose which item to bring in tow go hand-in-hand, and there’s little reason to bet against our new Zelda game adhering to the same philosophy.

But Nintendo isn’t just going open world just for the sake of allowing you to pick which toy to play with in the sandbox. Nintendo doesn’t redefine their franchises or create new ones without bringing about something we’ve never seen before. We’ve seen Link venture on land, sea, and air in the past three 3D Zeldas to come out in the past 10 years. What if all three existed in a single game? It sounds like a boy’s wet dream, wishing that GTA, Mass Effect, and Halo all existed in the same game, but I can’t imagine Nintendo deciding to have Zelda make the jump to open world without being convinced that the franchise needed it. What do you think?

Likeliness: As likely as Edward Snowden is to turn himself in.

NX Will be Present in Some Form

NX at E3

Nintendo has already back-peddled a bit on revealing that they were going to show more than Zelda at E3, and though it’s nothing that hasn’t been announced already, between Pokemon Sun and Moon, and Tokyo Sessions #FE, I still think that Nintendo has another surprise up their sleeve: the NX.

Sure, Nintendo has made it definitively clear that NX will not present in any shape or form at E3, but we’ve never been lied to before, right David Jaffey? Nintendo may not physically show NX, but it would be silly to not even make some small reference to their upcoming follow up to the troubled Wii U. Since these are E3 predictions, let me make a declaration with some form of specificity: Nintendo will announce the reveal date of the NX at this year’s E3, which will be set for late summer this year.

Likeliness: As likely as Tupac is to replace Aisha Tyler at this year’s Ubisoft press conference.

And there you have it, 5 more predictions that are guaranteed to become true in next week’s show. These odds are as good as you getting all of your Kickstarter rewards for every project you fund. See you all at E3!

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