Quake Champions Introduces Character Classes to the Franchise

In Bethesda’s post show, id Software’s Tim Willits swung by to deliver more details on the return of Quake.

Willits confirmed the titular “Champions” as character classes in the new Quake title. In the announcement trailer, four of the Champions were shown: Ranger, Visor, Nix, and Scale. While Ranger and Visor are modeled after Quakes 1 and 3 – such as Ranger’s Dire Orb ability, Nix and Scale are new concepts to Quake’s multiplayer. As seen in the footage, Nix (the blue haired heroine) can “phase out”, while Scale has a bull-rush ability.

Despite id’s seemingly Overwatch approach to Quake, Willits claims that all the classic core Quake mechanics are intact such as Rocket Jumping and Strafe-Jumping.

More details, which will likely include new champions and gameplay footage, will be shown at Quakecon on August 4th.

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