Watch Dogs 2 Gives Us Another Look at Some of Marcus’ Hacking Skills

Though Watch Dogs 2 wasn’t a surprise reveal like the first one some years ago, Ubisoft gave us an extended look at Watch Dogs 2.

Some details on Watch Dogs  was released last week, touching up on some of our new protagonist Marcus’ abilities. The gameplay demo gave us another look at Marcus as he navigated the roof tops of San Francisco and infiltrated a corporate tower, using some of his new gadgets. We got to see how he uses his drone to survey targets, and how he can use his two-wheeled RC car to hack a corporate database. Additional details can be picked up on in the demo, such as how Marcus can hack a car that’s conveniently placed inside a building, and also ways in which you can incapacitate enemies via a wide spread hack that effects entire groups. The demo ended in a parkour escape, as Marcus showed off his athletic skills in making his way out of the building in style before descending down to San Fran’s streets below.

Watch Dogs 2 will release on November 15th 2016, and PS4 owners will have access to all add-on content 30 days early.

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