Detroit Tasks You with Different Ways to Save a Little Girl’s Life

Unlike it’s reveal at last year’s PSX, Detroit showed a very different take on Quantic Dream’s android themed dramatic thriller. In this trailer, we see Conor who’s an android negotiator that’s tasked with talking down a rogue android who’s taken a human girl hostage at gunpoint. The trailer shows that things might not always go well, as we see scenarios where the girl might die, or even Conor himself – it all depends on how well prepared you are and the decisions you make before hand. Detroit also looks to explore the theme of android apartheid, and what that might mean for the relationship between humans and androids, as well as androids and other androids.

Detroit is another one of PS4’s games at E3 that doesn’t have a release date as of yet. It’s likely that we’ll get one the closer we get to the end of 2016.

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