Horizon: Zero Dawn Gives Us a Closer Look at Item Crafting and Mountable Creatures

Horizon Zero Dawn

After its relatively recent delay to Februrary 2017, Sony’s new Horizon: Zero Dawn revealed new gameplay elements that were held back in its initial debut at last year’s E3.

The demo opened up with introducing how Aloy, the game’s protagonist, can scan her enemies for crafting components and weaknesses along with other attributes. Aloy was seen using said crafting components to build explosive traps that she can use to ambush enemies. Later on, we get a glimpse at a dialogue tree system as she interacts with a nearby villager who’s fleeing a “Corrupted”, just before she decides to go liberate the village herself. Prior to going to the village, the demo gives us a look at the game’s overworld, which displays locations in need of help, as well as creatures that can be spotted in the wild. In search of a mount, Aloy then makes her way to a nearby Broadhead location, and after she tames it, she mounts it and makes her way towards liberating the village. You can see the conclusion of the battle below.

Horizon: Zero Dawn will release on PS4 on February 28th, 2017.

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