Steep Revealed. Will Bring Us Snowboarding, Wing suits, and Wipeouts

Ubisoft’s conference ending reveals never cease to suprise us at the end of their E3 shows, and this year was no different. Enter Steep, Ubisoft’s way of bringing back mountain skiing, snowboarding, and now wingsuit games that have been long missed since SSX.

Ubisoft Annecy didn’t shy away from offering us a long look at their new IP, giving us details on their unique take on open-world mountain sporting. Steep allows you to shred through their recreation of various mountains in Europe such as Mont Blanc and Matteron. The game also give players the opportunity to meet and challenge one another seamlessly in their open world. We’re shown another playing triggering a wing-suit race where the demoer instantly joins afterward when up to three of them swoop down the side of the mountain at blinding speed, with even an instance of a player nailing a protruding part of the mountain, screaming and disappearing off screen.

Other bits shown in the demo was the option to switch to a first person view for a more visceral viewing experience while careening down a mountain. Another was rewind, pause, and slow-mo feature, that can be accessed by viewing your trail on the map’s overworld view. You can use particularly tricky jumps on your trail to send challenges to friends for high scores.

Steep will hold a closed beta, which you can sign up for on

Steep will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC this December

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