Sony Talks PlayStation Neo – Surprised By Scorpio Announcement

Despite the lack of information surrounding the rumoured PlayStation Neo at Sony’s E3 press conference this year, it appears that the company is prepared to discuss high-level details. Speaking to The Guardian, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House stated that they would not be showing the console until there is enough content to justify the benefits of the machine.

“From past experience, the worst thing you can do is disappoint and pull the rug away from people. That’s why we went out last week and said, yes, it does exist but don’t expect to see it at E3. I think it was the right thing to do.”

Speaking at E3, Andrew House also revealed his surprise at Microsoft’s recent reveal of Project Scorpio, which has been revealed over a year away from its launch.


“I was surprised by the step of announcing something over a year ahead of time,” he said. “We experienced this ourselves, when, in 2013, very much in line with our previous strategies, we announced a concept and a name for PlayStation 4, and everyone said ‘where’s the box? How dare you?!’ That was the point we realised, well, we hadn’t changed but the world around us had.”

He was also keen to stress that the upcoming Neo is not intended as a replacement for the PlayStation 4, but rather something that will stand alongside the original hardware. Speaking to Time Magazine, House emphasised this point.

“You’ll have the same experience, but one will be delivered at a higher resolution, with an enhanced graphical experience, but everything else is going to be exactly as you’d expect.”

Speaking to the Guardian again, House also mentioned that the Neo was an effort to try and entice customers who might be interested in high-end PC gaming.

“We’ve traditionally seen that some of the core audience tends to gravitate back to high-end PCs at some point because these are the people who want the finest graphical performance.”

Check back with Power Up Gaming for the latest news on the upcoming PlayStation Neo and Project Scorpio.

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