Recore is Inspired By More Games Than Metroid and Megaman

Armature and Comcept’s collaborative title, Recore, is shaping up to be a much more robust action adventure game than initially thought after its first unveiling at last year’s E3.

Recore introduces us to Joule, who’s a technician that’s tasked with reviving humanity in a barren wasteland, and is using her expertise by commanding the Corebots seen in the trailers. On her venture, she’ll resort to her very special assault rifle and platforming skills to uncover what’s happened with the world after waking up from a 100 year cryo-sleep.

Unsurprisingly, the two studios are bringing elements of their previous games and incorporating them into Recore. Her rifle mixes elements from both Megaman and Metroid Prime in that she can fire off rapid shots to chip away at enemies’ health, or charge up for a cannon shot, dealing extra damage. Metroid Prime’s influence seems to seep in by the lack of needed precision. Recore’s shooting features a generous lock-on system that instead reserves the challenge for Joule to ensure that she herself isn’t getting shot.

Recore 1

Other game influences that are picked up on in Recore is the little classic, Ikaruga. All of Recore’s enemies are color coded, which means that in order for Joule to blast away at them effectively, she’ll need to switch her firing type to ensure that it matches the same color as her enemies. And being that the challenge is all about avoiding damage, it adds an element of bullet-hell shm’ups, which closes the loop on the Ikaruga comparison.

The exploration design of Recore is heavily driven by her Corebot companions. Mack and Seth, for example have dual functions, both in and out of combat. While Mack, the dog shaped companion, can scavenge and uncover things in the environment for Joule, Seth expands her platforming by enabling her to ride along suspended tracks in the air, very much like Samus’ Spider Ball did. Recore also has some RPG elements to it as well, as we seen numbers and experience points popping out of enemies as she fires away at them.

Recore is a little title that’s hoping to have a lot to offer. Wait for its release on September 13th this year at the low price of $39.99.

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