Fan Demand is the Main Reason for DQVII Localization

Nintendo’s second day of E3 presentations on June 15 saw the company showing off a slew of new games, one of which was Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past. News of DQ games coming west is a rare thing, and the arrival of this iteration is thanks entirely to the fans of the series.

Producer Yu Miyake states “with Dragon Quest VII, we were able to bring it over because a lot of fans were asking for it, sending letters, asking for it to be released and localized.” The company originally had no plans to localize, but in the wake of such high demand, Square hopes fans will continue to be every bit as vocal about future games such as Dragon Quest XI.

DQVII releases later this year, on September 16th in North America and Europe. The series has sold over 64 million copies since it first debuted in 1986.

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