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Mighty No. 9 Subreddit Users Get Creative to Call Out “Con Man” Inafune

Mighty No. 9’s subreddit is currently brimming with negativity toward the game and its all-star creator, Keiji Inafune.

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After years of delays and underwhelming trailers, Comcept’s maiden project finally released on Monday to a tepid critical response. Currently sitting between a 56 review score and 2.6 user score on Metacritic, Mighty No. 9 has quickly found itself subject to harsh criticism from legions of disappointed Kickstarter backers. The game has only been out for a matter of days, but that hasn’t stopped Reddit users from uniting in contempt for Inafune.

As the internet is wont to do, users have channeled their mighty rage into a series of memes and posts calling out the man himself. Some are fairly creative…

Inafune Con Man

While others are somewhat more damning…

Con Man

Inafune caused yet another stir this morning when he stated that Mighty No. 9’s tepid critical response was “better than nothing.” Some redditors took to this choice phrasing with gusto…


The sub has even become a forum for rounding up some of the most stinging digs at Mighty No. 9 from across the internet…


Despite once being a platform for sharing excitement pertaining to Mighty No. 9’s launch, the sub has now been overridden with hatred toward Inafune. No matter what really went wrong during the game’s development cycle, it seems that the legendary Mega Man developer has been dubbed this week’s villain of the internet.

While we didn’t share quite the antipathy for Mighty No. 9 on display here, we felt that the game’s solid mechanics were skewed by a handful of abominable design flaws. You check out our full review of Mighty No. 9. right here.

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  • SgtPepper1806

    We all know what went wrong. 10 freaking platforms. That’s insane from any game by any developer. No one would have cared if there werent Mac, 3DS, Vita, 360 or PS3 versions.

    • Shadowbladez337

      3ds is a good system for 2d platformers but agree with the rest.

    • jakdripr

      Yea I think the success of the kickstarter might have hurt this game’s development. They got a little too ambitious and now everyone is sad.

  • Joe Daniel

    The amount they brought in on Kickstarter didn’t even cover the whole cost of making the game, the studio worked on it for more than 3 years of delays with no money coming in aside from Kickstarter, the game will probably flop, and people think he’s running away with all that Kickstarter money? some people have no sense whatsoever lol

    • Chris Delgado

      I agree , apparently these kids don’t have a sens of business, it takes money to make money, and if no money is coming in and its all going out , then all you have is over head and those bashing the game instead of buying it to support it just makes it harder for anyone to want to attempt another version of this . I GOT THE SIGINTURE EDITION AND I HAVE NO REGRETS THANKS FOR ALLOWING ME THIS OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE THIS COLLECTION!

      • Joe Daniel

        I mean I’m not saying they didn’t make any money, but considering they needed even MORE to make the game than they got on Kickstarter, how is it possible they didn’t go through that money during THREE years of development and paying everyone? I mean I’m not defending anyone, but to think he just is enjoying all that money is ridiculously stupid and makes no sense!

  • Xino


  • Z0nne

    He had a MOUNTAINS of money, a professional dev with TONS of experience
    and he delayed the game as much as he wanted so he also had the time he

    And STILL he couldn’t make a fun/decent game?? It’s
    obvious that he under delivered and ran away with the money. He even had
    several other Kickstarters before even finishing M#9

  • TSJones97

    I don’t like the term Con Man, since actual con men enrich themselves, usually by absconding with the funds. If anything, justifiable criticism is very very BAD management of the project and funds. But crashing and burning in the execution of the project, is NOT being a ‘con man’.

    So say that he’s a crappy manager/developer/project head, but he didn’t ‘enrich himself’ with the money. Too many people on the Internet are freaking morons when it comes to how projects are created. The money wasn’t stolen, the project was mismanaged. Big difference. And guess what? our own Federal, state and local governments mismanage projects and funds all the time … with OUR MONEY. We don’t accuse them of stealing it.