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Practicing Glitchcraft: Bayonetta

Here’s an easy one. What do we do with witches? We burn them. And what do we burn apart from witches? Wood, of course. Now, given those two facts, can anyone tell us why witches burn? That’s right – because they’re made of wood. This episode of Practicing Glitchcraft is all about gaming’s most seductive witch, Bayonetta, and we have both games plus a Smash 4 video to show you. It’s witch time, darling!

In the first Bayonetta, there are many ways to rack up the halos. This video demonstrates how to cash in on millions of them in just minutes. Perform this technique in Chapter 2 on Hard mode with the equipment listed in the description. The “rocket glitch” it mentions means to start a kick combo with lightning Durga on the feet, then at the end, quickly switch to Kilgore while holding the kick button, and continue kicking for massive damage and halos.

In Bayonetta 2, there’s an infinite jump performable by doing the attack shown. Sloth is apparently so lazy he falls through the ground, but Bayonetta can luckily still kill him.

In this one, we see the same jump glitch, followed by – whoa whoa whoa, what the heck? Bayonetta just kicked in a door and broke all of reality. That must have been one heck of an impact.

Last of all, a triple jump technique for the Smash players. This video details the usage and steps to perform the extra jump, which is insanely useful for recovery (and, naturally, showing off).

There you have it. Wherever Bayonetta goes, she leaves a storm of ruin and screwiness in her wake. No one is safe, and she won’t stop until the entire virtual universe goes utterly cuckoo. And for the sake of bored Internet users everywhere, let’s hope she succeeds.

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