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Let’s Compare Persona 5 PS4 and PS3 Versions

With Atlus’s much-anticipated Persona 5 opening up for pre-orders, gamers on previous-generation consoles might be wondering what, if anything, they could be missing out on. While the content remains the same, what about graphics? Thankfully, the PlayStation Store has provided comparison screenshots. Take a look and lay your fears to rest.

Here are the PS4 screenshots.
Here are the PS4 screenshots.
And the PS3 version.
And the PS3 version. It seems slightly blurrier, but not enough to notice during gameplay.

The difference is barely distinguishable, but the current-gen version is just a bit crisper. The game looks spectacular regardless, and PS3 owners won’t be left wanting. Persona 5 releases this week in Japan and in February 2017 for all other regions.

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