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Practicing Glitchcraft: Halo 5

What’s the most powerful weapon in the Halo games? The rocket launcher? The spartan laser? The plasma pistol? Nope. Halo’s most destructive force of un-nature is, in fact, the glitch. But why stop there? Let’s dump in some fun tricks and cool secrets while we’re at it. And trust us, Halo 5 is stuffed full of them.

To make Locke believe he can fly, and believe he can touch the sky, a certain data console in Meridian Station is needed. “He looks broken” indeed. The fathom map has a hidden room with a scuba helmet and semi-solid floor that can be shot through, while the rest of the suit is found outside the map in the water itself. Another mega jump can be performed on Forge with two drop pods and two players cooperating. A grunt doll can be found out of bounds on Riptide, and a vending machine that produces weapons is available in Strangers in a Distant Land. We trek back to Meridian for a game of space football from a vending machine. While Locke is goofing off, Chief is getting a banshee upgrade. Finally, pay close attention to learn how to fly a Pelican. The ship, not the ridiculous-looking bird.

Halo 5 continues to get patches and updates, but most of the actual glitches in this video are physics-based, so they should be safe. Shenanigans are plentiful in Halo 5: Hunt the Glitch.

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