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Practicing Glitchcraft: Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

The Dead or Alive series shares a lot of DNA with the Ninja Gaiden games, including crossover characters that compete against each other in one of gaming’s most controversial fighting tournaments. The first Dead or Alive arrived in 1996 on Arcade and Saturn. DoA2 arrived in 1999 for PS2, the third game in 2001 on Xbox, and number four in 2006 for the 360. Finally, Dead or Alive 5 crashed onto 360 and PS3 in 2012, but that wasn’t the end of the story. Another entry in the series (the one we’ll be focusing on today) was released under the name DoA5: Last Round, which arrived in 2015 for all systems except Nintendo consoles. It’s fair to say that, in video game terms, Dead Or Alive has a long and storied history across multiple platforms.

Enough talking. Let’s beat the heck out of these glitches. Here’s Round One.

This video showcases the various things that can happen when the same characters trade the same attacks at the same time. These include falling off the stage, character placements and how the game resolves “ties” in certain situations. Also, most importantly, Helena flops like a fish. And for Round Two:

Santa Hayabusa can fly – never mind. Nyotengu can’t figure out a box and can’t dodge a boulder. Kokoro, I don’t think ice is going to help fix the camera. The incorrect background is displayed at 2:24, and Marie Rose succeeds where Santa fails – levitating. The final clip isn’t actually a glitch, just good timing.

Winner: glitches! Try them out and have fun, just don’t let the judges catch you or you might be disqualified for using illegal moves. And let’s hope this isn’t really the “last round.”

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