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Necropolis Crawls Onto PS4 and Xbox One


Necropolis, the comical third-person perma-death dungeon crawler, is finally getting the console treatment.

Released earlier this year for PC, the roguelike is out now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Developed by independent game studio Harebrained Schemes, known for their Shadowrun series as well as the forthcoming Battletech, and published by Bandai Namco, the game utilizes easy-to-learn mechanics, but tough-to-master gameplay. Put simply: you are going to try, or die.

Thankfully, you can, and should, band together with up to three friends to try to conquer ever-evolving dungeons that are never the same as before; or kill them and conquer the dungeon yourself. The game’s console release brings with it all of the newly added content found in the Brutal Edition for PC, including a new playable character, cleverly named the Brute, along with new spells to cast, new loot to snag, new dungeons to discover, and, of course, more ways to die.

Creative director and Harebrained Schemes co-founder Mitch Gitelman promises players that, “You’re going to die fairly often…embrace that.”

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