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The Elder Scrolls Receives Extensive Update in the Form of One Tamriel

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online has finally gotten a long-awaited update, in the form of One Tamriel.

The update brings with it more player choices, different ways to adventure, better social options by removing Alliances, and finally introduces game-wide scaling of content across the lands.

Now, players can group up with any adventurers in the world, no matter the level, and quest to their heart’s desire, all while discovering the game’s vast map at their own pace. Duelling and dungeons have been redone as well, so now players can battle each other anywhere, testing their skills and characters against others to decide who’s really the best warrior. Dungeons now feature level-appropriate loot, along with battle and combat-scaled enemies to allow players to fight dungeons with any other player, again regardless of their level.

All of the zones across Tamriel have been redesigned to create a better solo or group experience alike, and the Craglorn zone in particular is now more suitable for solo play.

Along with the update, Bethesda Software announced a sweet little giveaway, in celebration of their newest update. In order to enter, simply login to The Elder Scrolls Online and play anytime between October 5 and December 16, and the register over at

The free update is out now for PC players, while One Tamriel will launch for Playstation 4 and Xbox One players on October 18.

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