Devil’s Third Developer Valhalla Games Trademarks ‘Fog of War’

Valhalla Games - Devil's Third

The Japanese developer of niche Wii U hack-and-slash title Devil’s Third has today prompted speculation over its latest title by filing a new game trademark with the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office.

According to the EUIPO’s website, Valhalla Game Studios has applied to trademark ‘Fog of War’ in classes nine and 41, which cover computer game programs – including video game software – and online game services, respectively. The filing was received yesterday (October 6), and is currently under examination.

Devil’s Third initially received a positive reception upon its release in August 2015, but was panned in the West, where it currently holds a generally unfavourable rating on Metacritic. An online-only version of the title was released for PC in Japan in June of this year.

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