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Plants vs. Zombies Creator Announces New IP ‘Octogeddon’

The creator of the successful Plants vs. Zombies franchise has today announced the upcoming release of his newly formed studio’s debut title, Octogeddon.

All Yes Good, an indie label formed by developer George Fan, will release the game in early 2017 on Steam, it announced in a press release today.

Octogeddon is an arcade-style, action strategy game, which All Yes Good claims to be in the “same vein and with much of the same team as the original Plants vs. Zombies”. Players become Octogeddon, a giant mutant octopus hell bent on world destruction, where each of its tentacles evolve into deadly weapons to the point where it becomes “the ultimate eight-legged killing machine”.

The new company is comprised of several former members of the PvZ creative and development team, including lead PvZ artist Rich Werner and PvZ programmer (XBLA) Kurt Pfeifer. Octogeddon originally started out life as George Fan’s entry into a 48-hour game dev jam back in 2012.

He said: “It’s so much fun to be working with Rich and Kurt again, having the freedom to simply make the best games we can.

“I truly believe we’ve created something incredible here. So buckle your seatbelts and hold on to your earmuffs because Octogeddon is coming!”

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