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Telltale Unveils Latest Batman Episode: New World Order

Strap on that cowl and utility belt because Telltale just announced that the third episode of its Batman series, “New World Order”, is dropping October 25 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One worldwide.

No release dates for additional platforms were revealed, but a Telltale press release assured fans that an announcement is coming in the near future.

The third in a series of five episodes is said to explore the aftermath of the Penguin’s gruesome attack, which was broadcast at the end of episode two, along with revealing more about the Children of Arkham.

And, of course, we’re told to expect more quality time with both Selina Kyle and Harvey Dent, whose face may or may not have seen better days depending on how your version of events panned out at the end of episode two.

For the highly impatient, the latest instalment of Batman: Unmasked offers a glimpse of things to come in the upcoming episode. Plus, it features the voice of Harvey Dent, Travis Willingham.

Although the game has fared well critically for the most part, it’s also been marred by technical issues to varying degrees across various platforms since launch.

Take the iOS version, for instance, which is taking quite the beating on the iTunes store. Users are reporting a myriad of problems from long loading times to freezing, choppiness, and more. There’s still no word on when the Android version will drop, but hopefully, it ends up being more polished.

The issues aren’t exactly isolated to the mobile space, either. The PC version had its own rocky launch, and judging by some of the Steam reviews, Telltale’s probably got a little more ironing to do.

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