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Nintendo Reveals More Tropical Pokémon for Sun and Moon

Nintendo and the Pokémon Company have released yet another teaser trailer for their brand new games Pokémon Sun & MoonThe trailer serves as a pretty robust update on the information we have already been given, including new monsters, evolutions and two new trainers.

Some of these are localized details from what we’ve seen in CoroCoro magazine, while some of the information is all-new.

There are interesting ideas, including examples of pocket monsters that can change type and moves, as with the Normal type Pokémon Silvally. Also revealed were Hakamo-o and its evolutions as a Dragon and Fighting type, Bounsweet’s, the Grass type fruit Pokémon, evolutions Steenee and Tsareena, Cutiefly’s Bug/Fairy-type evolution Ribombee, and probably the most popular– Alolan Grimer and Muk, which appear to be mutated variants from their Kanto mainland forms.

Furthermore, the trailer introduces Olivia, an extraordinarily skilled trainer and “big kahuna” from the island of Akala who just wants to be a normal girl:

… as well as former class hero and Normal-type training extraordinaire Ilima:

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be made available in North America on November 18 and Europe on November 23.

A special demo version for the game can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop or via the official Nintendo website starting October 18.

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