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New Pokémon Sun and Moon Addition Confirmed Via TCG Booster Box

Pokemon Sun and Moon

A new addition to the Pokémon universe has seemingly been leaked today, after an Amazon Japan listing for an upcoming trading card game booster box showed off a creature that has yet to be identified.

New Pokemon

Although the image isn’t in the highest quality or resolution, social media and online fan forums have naturally been abuzz with speculation about the new Pokémon’s origins. Generally accepting that it appears to be a Water-type, some users have commented that the creature bears somewhat of a resemblance to Mawile, while others have remarked that it may be an evolution of Pyukumuku, another recently announced Sun and Moon newcomer.

With the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon for the 3DS now being exactly a month away, it seems that almost every day users are seeing various new Pokémon being revealed, either through official channels or leaks such as these. A demo for the game is set to hit Nintendo’s eShop later on today.

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