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Overwatch’s Sombra Expected in Next Patch as ARG Countdown Ends In Further Mystery

Overwatch Cast

Overwatch’s latest hero, Sombra, is expected to arrive imminently after a countdown in an alternate reality game that had teased her inclusion for several months ended earlier today.

Blizzard’s A Moment in Crime website had become a principle component of the ARG, featuring a percentage meter that hit 100 percent several moments ago as had been predicted by fans tracking the timing of its increments.

Users expecting that the end of the countdown to signal a definitive reveal of the character will be disappointed, however, as it arguably ended in more questions than answers. Translated from Spanish, the text on the Moment in Crime website reads:

… Connecting …
… Protocol v1.95 Shadow started …

… finished Transmission – ending load …
… Charging complete. Bastion Unit E-54 compromised … … Completing connection …

While the text alone is sure to give rise to a lot of speculation in its own right, perhaps more significantly, the source code of the page contained a secret, albeit brief, message. Commented out of the HTML code was the line, v1. Considering that the current Overwatch version is, it is more than likely that Blizzard is teasing Sombra’s arrival in the next title update – though that is obviously conjecture at this point until officially confirmed.

Hackers leaked this only known image of Sombra last month.

Do you have any theories about the cryptic message posted on the Moment in Crime site? Have you spotted something we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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