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Overwatch’s Sombra Latest: ARG Restarts with New Clues; More Expected Next Week

Overwatch Sombra Skull Wallpaper

Just as Overwatch fans thought the saga involving upcoming hero Sombra was coming to an end, developer Blizzard has thrown a spanner in the works today by restarting the alternate reality game.

After the A Moment in Crime website revealed a secret message referring to version number v1., users-turned-game-detectives were quick to spot the shooter update its build number to v1. earlier this morning. With that live hotfix came a subtle clue that was soon picked up on by eagle-eyed Overwatch fans.

On the game’s Dorado map, a locked computer terminal has for several weeks contained an obvious reference to the mysterious Sombra character. Users noticed that, as of today, if they approached the computer as the robotic hero Bastion – a character who was referenced in yesterday’s update – he would beep in a particular sequence that could be translated into Morse code.

This code was soon deciphered as pointing to the website of LumériCo, the fictional energy corporation who has previously been revealed as having plans to construct a power plant in Overwatch’s Dorado to provide the citizens of Mexico with access to free, clean energy.

The company’s seemingly innocuous homepage contained a support telephone number, which in turn provided further clues when called by users. These clues essentially pointed to a sub-site of lumé, TAKECONTROL, which had been purportedly hacked by Sombra, and contained yet another secret message for fans to unravel.


Translated, the message text reveals that LumériCo’s intentions aren’t as innocent as they may appear:

Congratulations for getting this far, I just wanted to know if you were ready (Hey, it’s really hard to get good help lately… you should’ve seen some of the clowns that are working with me) For now, let’s continue with the real challenge, finish LumeriCo and its president Guillermo Portero. And why?

Because its a greedy man, crooked and an abominable thief. His plan of bringing the biggest and most powerful ziggurat this November 1st it’s nothing more than a ruse, an elaborate plan design to have more influence over Mexico citizens and fatten his friends pockets. And who’s paying for that? The common people, the same that always get forsaken.

I’ve started to improve my protocols so they can be used to bring down the infrastructure of LumeriCo and Los Muertos are also trying to rise up against the corruption. Meanwhile, dig into the LumeriCo website and search for information that we can use against the motherfucker, better yet, find his username and password to make sure that certain details no so good about the little president… appear.

You can find the username and password from an employee of LumeriCo, start there

Users were soon able to discover a login panel for the username and password in question, and began to sift through a number of emails sent between employees of the company. One email ultimately led players to decipher the login details for Portero’s inbox, where, most significantly, an email from Sombra awaited them. Loosely translated, it reads:

I see you have been able to infiltrate his mail.

Do not worry, he can not see this email, I’ve hidden it from view if you connect from one of the known IP addresses.

I need a little more time to set the next group of protocols. Stay tuned early next week. I’ll take a few dirty rags in their emails to be filtered to the public “accidentally”. We’ll see how they react to the media.

On the basis of this final message, it looks like fans will have to wait even longer for the character’s official reveal.

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  • HyzerBlade

    Hi, you have some incorrect translations on the email section.

    • Chris Mawson

      Thanks for the tip; we relied on Google Translate and even now some of it has been hard to figure out.