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New 3D Super Mario Game Teased by Nintendo for Switch

Super Mario Nintendo Switch Screen 01

In its official reveal trailer for its upcoming console, Switch, Nintendo has teased the possibility of a new 3D Super Mario title being in development for the system.

The teaser video showed several seconds of footage featuring the company’s mascot traversing a couple of previously unseen, and gloriously colourful, environments. Screenshots taken from the the trailer suggest that the title may be a platformer similar to the likes of Super Mario 3D World – though with the camera following the player from behind – featuring ‘wide linear’ levels rather than a fully open world adventure.

Super Mario Nintendo Switch Screen 01 Super Mario Nintendo Switch Screen 02

Of course, the footage in question may merely be representative of a Nintendo Switch tech demo or a mockup for the purposes of the promotional trailer. We won’t know more until an official announcement is forthcoming.

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