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Officially Licensed PS4 Revolution Pro Controller Announced

PS4 Large Cover

An officially licensed PS4 controller aimed at e-sports players is set to release this holiday season, it has today been confirmed.

French gaming studio Bigben Interactive announced earlier that it has entered into a licensing partnership with Sony to release the Revolution Pro Controller – though quite bafflingly, no official images were unveiled.

Alain Falc, Bigben’s CEO, said: “The controller’s easy-to-use capabilities give fantastic control, as well as a slick experience. We are confident that the Revolution Pro Controller will enable players to enjoy seamless integration with the games they love. We look forward to talking more about the product and features soon.”

Given that the controller will be sold under the company’s NACON brand, it is more than likely that it will resemble a branded version of the upcoming NACON Alpha PC gamepad, pictured below.

Nacon Controller

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  • Marty8370

    The sticks are in the wrong place. DOA

    • Frdjck

      You didn’t read the article didn’t you? 🙂

      Almost got me too, this is just a picture they found on the internet of another controller made by the same company. This has nothing to do with what the PS4 pro controller will look like.

      • NinoBr0wn

        We don’t know that either. It could very well end up looking like a branded version of the same controller pictured above, just like it says in the article..

        • Frdjck

          By that logic, it could look like anything you can imagine.

          • NinoBr0wn

            Yes, you’re correct that it could look like anything, but not by that logic. My point is that you said this has nothing to do with what the PS4 version will look like, when you can’t make that statement right now. It also isn’t uncommon for a company to use the same base model for different partners, as it cuts down on manufacturing costs. I don’t think it would be outlandish at all to think it might look similar to the Alpha.

    • NinoBr0wn

      I’ll take this over a Dualshock any day if it has the customization and buttons on the back.