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Respawn Has Some Last-Minute Titanfall 2 Tips For You

Titanfall 2 releases tomorrow, and Respawn, the team behind the giant-robot action shooter, just put out a special launch trailer as well as a few gameplay tips and tricks to give players the edge in battle:

  • Hold the grenade button to delay a throw, or Triangle to cancel.
  • Pulse Blade reveals enemies to the whole team, not just you.
  • Arc grenade slows both pilots and Titans
  • Enemy fire is detected on your radar
  • Canceling a frag throw drops it at your feet, ready to blow
  • Giving a friendly Titan a battery will ensure its shield protects you as well

Titanfall 2 descends onto PS4, PC and Xbox One October 28. In the meantime, you can check out the full blog post from Respawn.

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