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UPDATED: Sonic CD Goes Free-to-Play With Ads; Sega Fixes Issue That Made Previous Purchasers Pay to Remove Them

Sonic CD

Update (October 28, 12AM BST): Sega has confirmed that a fix is now live for Sonic CD, which removes ads for those users who previously bought the game.

Original: Sega’s mobile release of Sonic CD has today received its 2.0 title update on iOS devices, which makes the app an ad-supported free-to-play title.

As with a lot of ad-supported titles, the game now has a $1.99 / £1.49 in-app purchase option to remove all advertisements. However, players who previously bought Sonic CD prior to the update are having to fork out again if they want to remove the ads – and understandably aren’t happy about it, if social media is any indication.

Sonic CD Remove Ads

The 2011 mobile and console version of classic Sega Mega CD title Sonic CD, first released in 1993, was developed by long-time Sonic community member Christian ‘Taxman’ Whitehead. For his part, Whitehead claims not to have been involved with today’s update, as he is busy developing the upcoming Sonic Mania.

What do you think about today’s changes to Sonic CD? Let us know in the comments below.

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