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Limited Edition Sega Mega Drive with SD Card Slot to Launch in 2017

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A limited edition Sega Mega Drive console that includes an SD slot for ROM support is set to launch in 2017, it has today been confirmed.

The console will be based on the design of the original Genesis/Mega Drive system, and will feature 22 built-in games and original controller, as well as a cartridge slot and the aforementioned SD card reader.

Before you get too excited, however, the system is being produced by Sega licensee TecToy, and will be exclusive to the Brazillian market. According to a pre-order listing for the unit, it is scheduled for release in June 2017, and will be priced at R$400, which is equivalent to around $125.

TecToy has been Sega’s official distributor in the country for nearly three decades, and is perhaps best known in recent years for starting the ‘console-on-a-chip’ craze that led to numerous Mega Drive clones being released around the world.

The company has confirmed that the limited edition console will, like its predecessors, integrate its processors onto a single chip, while it will also output only composite (RCA) video and audio.

In an official FAQ, TecToy stated that “the vast majority of TVs on sale in the Brazilian market have composite video input”, and that adding HDMI output to the console would raise its retail price while providing no increase in the system’s original resolution. It also stated that while the console will be compatible with original Mega Drive controllers, it will not work with any other accessories or cartridges that include special hardware, including Sonic & Knuckles and Virtua Racing.

Today’s unveiling comes several weeks in advance of Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition going on sale, while AtGames released its latest Genesis system-on-a-chip offering in the UK and North America back in the summer.

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