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Upcoming PSVR Title Space Rift to be Released Episodically; Play Length and Frame Rate Revealed

Space Rift

The upcoming PlayStation VR title Space Rift will be released episodically, its developer has confirmed.

During a Reddit AMA hosted earlier today, Vibrant Core CEO Gihad Chbib revealed that episode one of the game, due to launch on November 15, will clock in at an estimated play time of two-and-a-half to three hours, with subsequent episodes being dependent on its success. According to Chbib, the structure of the game was ultimately determined by its publisher, bitComposer Interactive:

“We agreed to the episodic release model with our publisher because it was the only way to get the first part of the game funded. The VR market currently bears high risks for anyone who tries to dabble in it, and we pretty much went into making this game with a great deal of risk on both sides.”

In response to a question asking whether the game would include PS4 Pro enhancements, Chbib stated that the game’s tight budget had limited what features the developers were able to include:

“We started development on this game a long time ago, when the PS4 Pro hadn’t been announced yet. The game will run on the Pro, but won’t be optimized to make use of its features. If the game is successful, we would rather work on Episode 2 with the budget at hand than create a patch.”

The developer also confirmed that the game runs at a constant 60 frames per second, which is reprojected on PSVR as 120 fps. To read the full question-and-answer session, check out the original Reddit thread.

In Space Rift, humanity has been forced to relocate to Mars after a devastating meteor strike turns Earth into a wasteland. Players take on the role of a rebel pilot, and must mine for valuable resources while facing the constant threat of enemy drones.

Episode one of the game is currently available on Steam, where it boasts Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support.

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