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Official Artwork of Overwatch Hero Sombra Leaked on Blizzard Store

Sombra Artwork Cropped

Overwatch fans have finally got their first proper look at upcoming hero Sombra, after Blizzard’s online store listed a print of the character’s official artwork for sale – before quickly removing it.

Signed by John Polidora, a senior Overwatch concept artist, the artwork confirms the authenticity of an earlier leak of the hacker character, as well as suggesting that her release may be imminent.

Sombra Artwork

Over the last several months, users have been following an alternate reality game (ARG) created by Blizzard in an attempt to learn more about the hero prior to her introduction into the popular multiplayer shooter.

It is being widely speculated on social media that Sombra may be finally officially revealed when BlizzCon 2016 kicks off this Friday (November 4).

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