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Xbox Live Chief Comments on PS4 Including More Exclusive In-Game Content than Xbox One

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Microsoft’s director of programming for Xbox Live has today commented on the PS4 receiving more exclusive in-game content compared to the Xbox One.

The concept of exclusives is a hot topic across the gaming industry, with console manufacturers, PC distribution services and even online slots providers, on sites where users can redeem a gala bingo promo code, all competing to provide exclusive titles to users.

Opening up PAX Australia 2016 with a keynote and question-and-answer session, Larry Hryb, better known by his gamertag Major Nelson, seemed to concur when an audience member suggested that the PS4 had been more successful than the Xbox One in securing more exclusive DLC for third-party titles, particularly compared to last-gen.

Hryb added that it ultimately came down to a case-by-case decision on how best to use Microsoft’s resources:

“They [Sony] just decided to write a lot of cheques from what I understand; we certainly had the options, and we would look at it, but it’s like, is that the best way to spend money or should we work on creating maybe an Elite controller?

There’s no right answer: we look at every single opportunity, and go, ‘Is this the best for the community and the best use of our money, or would it be better somewhere else, like working on Xbox One S or something like that?'”

Power Up Gaming is live in attendance at PAX Australia 2016, and we will continue to bring you updates from the show floor throughout the weekend.

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  • xboxmaster

    hahaha you lost xbox, goodbye

  • bewareofZ

    This would make more sense if MS had never done it themselves.
    Nearly every game in the 360/PS3 era had 360 marketing and DLC deals and MS has deals this gen for Titanfall 2, FIFA and many others.

    • september 2018 calendar

      Hryb added that it ultimately came down to a case-by-case decision on how best to use Microsoft’s resources:

      • bewareofZ

        Now, two years later, they have hardly any deals and hardly any exclusive IP’s.
        Seems they didn’t spend their resources wisely.
        They spent their money on unnecessary hardware upgrades that no one asked for.

  • angh

    You started this, you got bested.

    • Jugo94

      Pretty nobody really cares about this. They’re going to buy it on their preferred platform regardless.

      • angh

        I agree. Still, my previous comment is valid.

    • Massamo

      how did they get bested Microsoft have way more money then sony

      • angh

        Microsoft is a group. There are separate divisions, same like in Sony. Xbox is in entertainment and devices division, and Windows division wont be pouring money into it if they will make loses. Playstation is part of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

        Now, if you could read the article above and my comment again, then you’d know the context. Last generation Microsoft was writing checks left and right to get timed or full exclusivity. This gen Sony followed the suit and got better results. So, MS got bested.

        • Massamo

          your wrong on that and nope MS didn’t get bested because they said they don’t want to do that anymore because its not what we want

          none of us want this DLC bullshit

          • angh

            ahh, ok. then you have to be right./s

        • Tegernako

          But Sony did the same thing all last gen as well…

          • angh

            I’m not saying they didn’t. I’m saying MS started it, because they wanted something more to pull people to their side. Sony followed it, but in last gen MS had much more deals (tales of Vesperia not released on ps3 outside of Japan anyone?)
            And in this gen situation just turned around a bit, with CoD extensions available first on ps4 (still MS got great deal for Tomb Raider). As the article is stating, and that is the only thing I commented.

  • Rafoca

    They are doing everything right for a long time: backcompat, Xbox live, external hard drive, coop games.

    I think they are spending their money in a good way

    • marcusforpresident

      Yes, but they made so many wrong decisions 3 years ago and we, loyal users, have been punished by it (I don’t like external hard drives, I’d prefer to be able to change internal for a better SSD or a bigger one), BTW, Xbox Live is not much better than on Xbox 360 when playing, bakwcomp has arrived too late for me, coop games have no shared screen options in most of them and I only see PS4 games when I go to my local shop.
      My friends sold Xbox One and bought PS4 or are on PS4 Pro bandwagon now.

      It is really hard to be on Xbox One side this time and Xbox Scorpio is one year in the future while competition have VR, very good bargains when buying games, lots of people playing all and every game online and real Full 1080 60fps games since next week (I don’t care for 4K and I’ll not in maybe 5 more years, because I bought a new FullHD tv set last year)

      • JohnDoe

        I can’t tell if fanboy or troll?

      • Revolver Ocelot

        Weak emulation, no exclusives and no removable internal hard drive. Hey, at least they sorted out the power brick, right?

        Back to Xbox Mad.

      • Rafoca

        Xbox doesn’t have shared screen coop? What about PlayStation 4, which has no coop games at all, apart from Bloodborne?

        You really can’t compare co-op games. That’s just a very weak aspect on PlayStation.

        On the other hand, the majority of Xbox console exclusives has some sort of co-op.

        Backcompat too late? So it’s better paying for PSnow? Really?


      • aaronf44

        How is BF1 in Full 1080 60fps on the pro?


        • Turniplord

          Considering on the Pro it runs up to 1656p at 50-60fps about 95% of the time – its pretty good. I would say its better than the 720p-900p Xbox one version 🙂

    • Revolver Ocelot

      Weak emulation, no exclusives and no removable internal hard drive. Hey, at least they sorted out the power brick, right?

      Back to Xbox Mad.

  • unoquepasaba

    As Day One Xbox One user, I’d prefer to have more content for my bucks than an Elite Controller or Xbox One S (Who cares for BluRay4K? Xbox directives??) But I made a wrong decision buying Xbox One as first option and I have to many digital games bought now to forget it. My decision and I assume the failure.

    • Danny MacGurk

      Hows it feel to live your life filled with regret. Must feel like a real loser eh

    • Ryan Redmond

      I had a Xbox one and just bought Xbox one s for no reason except to play 4k discs.most 4k sites say for cheaper options buy the Xbox rather than dedicated player,the 4k player is getting non gamers buying a Xbox,so actually the 4k bluray player is huge missed opportunity for Sony.i hated ps3 and PS4 is even worse.controls with the l2/r2 are awful,game installs are awful,the stores set out badly,overpriced games,rubbish ps plus compared to Xbox live,no decent exclusives compared to loads on Xbox like halo,gears of war,forza and so on.whoever buys a PlayStation must be crazy.the Xbox one s compared to PS4 is not even comparable,even the PS4 pro is a bit meh compared to Xbox one s.4k is the future so PS4 will be outdated any day now

  • Crapgamer

    Nice! I’ll take exclusives, Elite Controllers and things like that over simple marketing deals or timed content. Microsoft has their own thing that Sony doesn’t, and that’s EA Access. Playing games a week early or playing games in the Vault are amazing.
    Good job Microsoft!

    • Revolver Ocelot

      More and better exclusives on the PS4, a Scuf ripoff with poor build quality and that EA Abcess ripoff. When you finally getting some new games in that sad little vault of yours? Stay on Youtube.

      • Massamo

        how can you say more and better exclusive lol and yes i have both systems

        • Rafoca

          He is a fanboy, so that’s expected

      • Jona

        Such a sad, angry little man.

      • Nintengods

        “More and better exclusives on the PS4”


        Flopstation Poor Prolapse can’t do 60FPS. No games. Failed VR.

        Looks like everyone will be making the Switch next year 🙂

      • aaronf44

        How is ÂŁ20 a year for EA access a ‘rip off’ you joker?

    • Carleton Legrant

      What Exclusives Look as the PS4 line up for Feb 2017 and look at your whole 2016 Sony destroys it.

    • Jennifer Braun

      But you can also use that Vault or EA access stuff on PC, you know? So no need to buy an XBox for that, if that’s what you mean.

  • BelAirBoss

    I’m not really in favor of timed exclusive content, no matter who is doing it. I would rather see the companies invest in first party development, and on that side, Sony has always been very strong. I would like to see Microsoft step it’s game up significantly in that department.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Larry Herb the hype chimp trying to justify the worthless plastic toy he has to sell to the worthless losers still wasting their time on it. Of course.

  • Bryan JimĂ©nez

    Gaming is more of a main focus for Sony, it is in their best interest to have the best version of a game on their console. MS might have been interested in gaming in the past but not anymore, not under the new CEO and his strategy. The guy referred to Xbox One as just “another Windows 10 device”

    Remember that Microsoft is first and foremost an operating system developer, video games are of secondary importance and they can get rid of their gaming division any time they want and it would not affect their profits.

    Look at how they closed Lionhead and Press Play, they only have 3 first party studios working on the same 3 franchise. Turn 10 – Forza, 343i – Halo, Coalition – Gears and RARE which I guess they haven’t shut down yet because of their history, otherwise they would have closed them too. MS doesn’t want game studios on their payroll unless they’re working on a series they can milk.

    If you’re a serious console gamer buy a Playstation and/or a Nintendo system.

    • Rafoca

      Yes, no man’s sky is a great example on how #4theplayers works

    • Nintengods

      Tell us more about Zipper Interactive, Evolution, Studio Liverpool, Incog Inc and how they turned San Diego into a baseball factory to milk every year and every game is now a Last Of Us Clone, Sonycuck. $ony’s so used to closing studios they killed Hello Games.

      If you want rehashed turds and nu-male games for cucks. You buy a P$4

      If you want original games made with Passion, you play Nintendo games and Make The switch.

      • Bryan JimĂ©nez

        I said buy Playstation or Nintendo in the last sentence of my comment. Did you even read it? Talk to me when a Nintendo console actually gets third party support.

    • Matthew D.

      Yes, Microsoft is “done” with gaming thats why they poured so many resources in play anywhere, 360 emulation, scorpio, elite controller, etc. As far as Studios being shut down…they’re all doing it. First party Sony has been pretty slow this gen to release games. I own both so I don’t have a vested interest in only “one champion”. If you’re a “serious console gamer” it would mean you just play whatever interest you. Getting to play Gears and Uncharted this year was great.

      • Bryan JimĂ©nez

        Never did I say they were done with gaming. Don’t twist my words.

        Play Anywhere only benefits Windows 10 gamers, Scorpio was probably planned way before Nadella was CEO and idk how many resources went into 360 emulation but I know that a small team was working on an Xbox 360 emulator for Windows, for a billion dollar company to do it on a console with PC-like architecture would be no problem I imagine.

        My point with the studios was that MS only has 4 first party studios actively making games when Sony and Nintendo have close to a dozen. So in my eyes the commitment to gaming is clear.

        • Matthew D.

          You’ll see Sony drop first parties more and more as we go forward. They’re doing more now with less vs the PS3. Third party deals, indies, second party deals (like Bloodborne and Spider-man) just work out better. Games like Uncharted, Gears, etc. can’t even touch the multiplatform titles at this point. This is why Microsoft didn’t pull Minecraft back and I’m sure we will see it on new platforms as they come (like Switch).

  • Danny MacGurk

    Xbox has made the best chioce for its gamers. Sony is only looking to line its pockets.

  • omarcominyo

    I HATE all game exclusives and they don’t even effect me(owning all systems), from store exclusive game editions to platform exclusive games to timed exclusives!!

  • Matt Wass

    They are “writing cheques” because they are pulling in money hand over fist.. Doubling Xbox one sales.. They can afford to throw money at developers… You need to spend money to make money.. Especially in this line of work..