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Xbox Live Chief Says Xbox One’s Online Store Needs Improving; Console Performance Will Get ‘Way Better’

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The Xbox One’s online store needs some improvement, while the console will perform ‘way better’ after its next update, according to Microsoft’s director of programming for Xbox Live.

Opening up PAX Australia 2016 with a keynote and question-and-answer session, Larry Hryb, better known by his gamertag Major Nelson, was asked by an audience member about the areas that Xbox can do better in.

Hryb responded by identifying the company’s online storefront as an area that was earmarked for improvement, whilst also stating that the performance of the Xbox One is something that it can always do better at:

“There are a lot of things that we could be doing better at. One of the things that we’ve been talking about – that Phil [Spencer]’s been talking about – in the past year is Windows 10 and Xbox; how Xbox is now on Windows 10 – it’s now kind of gaming at Microsoft. Our store needs to be better, and the store team is hyper-focused on that.

“The performance on the Xbox One is also going to get way better when we release the next update; way better!

“What’s really interesting about the team is that they’re never sitting back going, ‘Okay, that’s done; next.’ I am relentless working with them, going ‘We need to make this better; we need to make this the best it can be.’

“There’s no shortage of areas we need to get better in; we’re certainly not sitting back.”

Power Up Gaming is live in attendance at PAX Australia 2016, and we will continue to bring you updates from the show floor throughout the duration of the convention.

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