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Blizzard Confirms It Is Improving Overwatch’s Killfeed; Will Consider Making Arcade Mode Competitive

Overwatch Tracer

Overwatch’s in-game killfeed is currently being improved, while its upcoming arcade modes may one day become competitive, developer Blizzard has confirmed.

During a question-and-answer panel at BlizzCon 2016 at the Anaheim Convention Center this past weekend, Overwatch programmer Tim Ford shed some light on the type of information players may soon be able to access via the in-play killfeed. He said: “We’re looking into trying to give a little more context to that, particularly in terms of critical shots and what ability was used. Mercy resurrects are also a really important piece of data for the player – and for e-sports, too. It’ll help you to understand why that team is back now.”

Meanwhile, the panel were asked by an audience member about the possibility of the popular hero shooter’s upcoming arcade modes being added to the line-up of competitive play. Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan replied: “We want to see what happens when you guys get your hands on the arcade, and what direction you want those modes to go in.

“I think that with mystery duel and 3v3 elimination, there are probably some rule tweaks we’re going to need to do, and get a feel for how the community approaches the modes. But over time, if there’s a really strong desire to make those modes competitive, then we’d love to do it.”

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