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Board Game Mysterium Goes Digital; Coming to Mobiles and PC

Popular tabletop game Mysterium is getting the digital treatment, it has been today announced.

Adapted by digital board game specialists Asmodee Digital and Libellud, and developed by Playsoft, Mysterium promises to be as faithful to the original and award-winning game as possible. It will be released on iOS, Android and Steam in early December.

For the unfamiliar, Mysterium is a board game that is reminiscent of Clue, albeit slightly creepier. The game takes players through a séance, as everyone is trying to figure out who killed the clairvoyant Mr. MacDowell in his mansion, Warwick Manor. It is a co-operative experience, with one player becoming the ghost himself, while the others stay alive as powerful psychics, trying to interpret the ghost’s actions to ultimately solve the murder.

Just like its real-life counterpart, Mysterium will be playable by up to seven players, and will feature a lengthy story mode, composed of a twists and turns, if one wishes to solve the mystery by themselves.

The title will be priced at $6.99 on mobile, and $9.99 on PC.

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