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PS4’s Licensed Pro Controller Razer Raiju UK Price and Release Date Confirmed; GAME Exclusive

Razer Raiju

The Razer Raiju, the first officially licensed PS4 controller to be aimed at professional and e-sports players, will be exclusive to GAME in the UK, the high street retailer has today confirmed.

According to a pre-order listing on the company’s website, the Raiju will be available on December 9, priced at £149.99 – £40 more expensive than the similarly positioned Xbox One Elite controller.

The tournament-grade controller was unveiled last month by Sony; it will soon be joined by the Nacon Revolution as the only officially licensed third-party pro PS4 controllers on the market.

The Razer-developed Raiju will include two extra bumpers and two extra detachable triggers; a built-in control panel on the front of the controller; trigger-stop switches and hair trigger mode for ultra-fast trigger responses; two custom profiles which users can instantly switch between and modify; a 3.5mm headset jack and dedicated headset volume and mic mute controls; and detachable analog stick rubber caps that provide extra grip during intense gaming sessions.

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  • JehutyFrame

    Damn, i was actually gonna ask this controller for my birthday if it was priced around 100 quid xD.
    Guess they don’t want my money xD

  • Barry Harden

    Damn. I think I’ll go ghetto and buy the Collective Minds Strike Pack for the PS4. It’s an add on module for the PS4 controller and gives you two paddles to use. Only $40 US!!

    Another option: EMIO PS4 Elite controller. Looks similar to the XBone elite controller and is compatible with the same swappable parts. Only $80 US!!