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World of Final Fantasy Performing Worse at 1080p on PS4 Pro than Base Console

Sony’s supercharged PS4 Pro released yesterday to a wealth of critical acclaim, but some users are disappointed with how the console is performing – particularly on non-4K screens.

Comparison screenshots released for Square Enix’s World of Final Fantasy by NeoGAF user Corleth the Fey outputting at 1080p on both the base PS4 and PS4 Pro suggest that aliasing and blurring is far more prominent on the upgraded system. You can view the screens below; PS4 Pro is on the right.

According to users on social media, these issues have only been evident on the Pro since the RPG received its 1.01 update patch, which rather paradoxically was released to apply PS4 Pro graphical enhancements to the title.

It is being reported that World of Final Fantasy performs excellently when output at 4K – suggesting the issue is being caused by the game being internally rendered at a higher resolution, which is then being downscaled by the PS4 Pro to 1080p when the console is set to output at that size.

The base PS4 console, meanwhile, is rendering the title at a native 1080p, and thus eliminating any possible graphical hiccups.

There has currently been no word by Sony or publisher Square Enix on whether this issue, which may possibly affect other games, will be resolved soon.

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