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Battlefield 1 Update Reportedly Stealthily Downgrades PS4 Pro Version


Update: DICE has confirmed it is investigating the issue.

Original: Battlefield 1 received an extensive title update earlier today – but players are up in arms over the fact that the patch reportedly downgrades the PS4 Pro-enhanced version of the first-person shooter.

According to multiple users, the performance of DICE’s World War I-themed title has taken a hit on Sony’s upgraded console since patch 1.04 went live this afternoon. Of course, it doesn’t help that publisher EA and DICE are reportedly under a NDA with Microsoft to prevent them from sharing any details on the nature of enhancements the PS4 Pro brings to the game to begin with:

A number of posts on social media and forums suggests that the title update has considerably worsened the game’s performance on the Pro compared to pre-patch, however.

According to NeoGAF user Arthur-Hucksake, “Jaggy shimmer is now present and a softer image all round. The frames don’t feel as smooth, either.”

User Hurley added: “Just had a few games then on the pro and it does seem like the fps and image quality has taken a bit of a hit. Fps isn’t too bad but it doesn’t feel as smooth as pre-patch.”

Jakartalado on the same site commented: “It looks bland, and soft. Textures look blurry.”

Meanwhile, users also took to the game’s official forum to report on their perceived performance hit. User BLAUCopter stated: “Was playing all afternoon pre patch and not only does it look softer post patch it runs worse too. Just go play Argonne Forest and run around. There’s definitely a performance hit.”

Some users have suggested that the developers may have accidentally overwritten the Pro mode flag when implementing temporal anti-aliasing (TAA), as detailed in the patch note, and so the game is launching in ‘base PS4’ mode. We at Power Up Gaming are trying to get independent confirmation of the issue, and whether it is limited to 1080p or 4K display output.

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  • heavenshitman1

    Hmm seems like gaming as we knew it has truely ended.
    Consoles especially used to be about guaranteed experiences. Now not a game releases without price abuse (season passes, day 1 DLC), glitches and faults.
    Watch dogs, naked models everywhere, Ubi apologizing
    PS4pro’s not compating with 4k screens
    Dishonoured 2 running inconsistently on peak PC hardware
    etc.. etc..

  • Wazoler

    Total nonsense. And I would be the first to have an outcry since the only reason I got a Pro was for BF1 until I start gaming 95% of the time on Scorpio. I played pre-patch and post-match. Also played on Argon. Haven’t noticed any hiccups. Both Digital Foundry and NXGamer have not noticed worse performance post-patch either. The Placebo effect is real with a lot of people, for better and worse. One person says something seemed off and more people claim to notice it. Some people claim a game looks better and others start agreeing, when in reality there was no patch to aid that specific game.

  • SpeakTruthAlways

    Microsoft paid EA to do this.

    – N4G

  • Bob Sacamanto

    Um, he says they are under NDA with SONY and Microsoft, why did the article just mention Microsoft?!?!?

  • Seth Henson

    So forum posts are now official news items. It was never stealthily downgraded specifically for PS4 Pro, PCs are having issues too.

    Journalism these days is scarey.