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This War of Mine Gets Anniversary Edition DLC

This War of Mine Anniversary Edition

Following on the heels of its massively successful war survival simulator, 11 bit studios has released an Anniversary Edition DLC for This War of Mine on Steam and Games Republic.

The update, which is available for free to all owners of the original game, adds a new ending, locations to explore, as well as new civilians to meet.

Unaware of just how big a success This War of Mine would turn out to be, the DLC is the developer’s way of thanking the community for its support, said a spokesperson for 11 bit studios, before adding:

”We knew we put the best possible efforts into the game, but honestly, we didn’t expect that big success, commercially and critically. We expected a good feedback because we put heart into this project. The feedback was way bigger and more positive than expected.”

Fans holding out hope for additional content down the line need not worry, as the spokesperson confirmed the developer has plans for more content down the line, but isn’t ready to disclose specific details at the moment.

Additional platforms will also get hold of the Anniversary Edition DLC in the near future, a release from the developer stated.

Meanwhile, the developer is continuing its steady work on its next game, Frostpunk, a survival game set in a frozen world. While little has been disclosed about the game thus far, the developer promises it will target mature audiences in the same vein This War of Mine did.

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