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Battleborn Hits a New Low; Peaks at Under 250 Concurrent PC Players

Battleborn Main

Gearbox Software’s critically panned Battleborn has reached a new low: the title peaked at fewer than 250 concurrent PC players over the past 24 hours.

This compares to a peak of 12,000 players amidst the game’s launch in May; it’s been a sharp decline for the 2K-published MOBA shooter ever since.

By June, Battleborn had declined to a peak of only 2,000 players, as competitor Overwatch muscled in on the hero shooter space. Now, according to Steam Charts, the title has peaked at 243 players over the past 24 hours; at its lowest, only 88 players were online.

While Power Up Gaming praised the title’s art design and core mechanics in our review back in May, we ultimately felt that its gameplay was far too convoluted.

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