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DICE Investigating Poor Battlefield 1 Performance on PS4 Pro After 1.04 Patch

Battlefield 1

As we reported yesterday, many PS4 Pro users have been taking to social media to complain that Battlefield 1 purportedly performs worse on the upgraded console compared to how it ran before patch 1.04 was released.

This evening, after 24 hours of silence, developer DICE has finally acknowledged the issue. In response to a question from a user on Twitter over the alleged problem, Nils Hallberg, development director at DICE issued the following one-line statement: “We are aware of this problem and looking into it.”

Some users have suggested that the developers may have accidentally overwritten the Pro mode flag when implementing temporal anti-aliasing (TAA), as detailed in the patch note, and so the game is launching in ‘base PS4’ mode – though recent tests by Eurogamer suggest that this is not the case.

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