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Overwatch Receives PS4 Pro Support; Comparison Screens Showcase Improvements at 1080p

Overwatch Cast

As we reported yesterday, Overwatch’s latest update – which saw the introduction of new hero Sombra and Arcade Mode – quietly included PS4 Pro support.

As has been the case with many third-party developers, however, Blizzard has remained tightlipped over the nature of the enhancements Sony’s upgraded console will bring to its popular hero shooter; the patch notes provided no information outside of confirming the support, and the company’s official social media channels have ignored all requests for further clarification.

With that in mind, we’ve had to rely on first-hand user experiences in trying to determine exactly what the developer has introduced in terms of PS4 Pro support. Conjecture on online forums and social media suggests that the game’s UI may have been upgraded to native 4K, with a general improvement in texture quality also being reported.

Furthermore, we’ve also received reports that the PS4 Pro provides a bump in the game’s AA and AF (anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering), even when output at 1080p. The following comparison screenshots, provided by gatr, with the base PS4 on the left and the PS4 Pro on the right, certainly do show a general improvement in the sharpness of textures – although on the whole the image quality gains are negligible. You can click on each image to enlarge it:

Have you noticed any other improvements to Overwatch running on the PS4 Pro since yesterday’s update went live? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • WSHH Recycle Bin

    barely noticeable.

    • Fallout09

      I think this is the reason why they didn’t tell anyone. More examples why I will not be upgrading my PS4 to the Pro.

  • Tamago1

    I just don’t understand how the Pro can have such a much more powerful Gpu based on the newest Polaris architecture and then the graphical upgrades to games be so poor… The only answer to this is that the CPU and Memory already became major bottlenecks.

    • Mikee Remastered

      Correct. I bought one. And sadly the cpu is just not good enough for the gpu. It will now forever hold back the graphics card til the end of time. 🙁
      I had an athlon 860k last year paired with my gtx 970. And it was awful. Lots of little annoying stuttering when turning and this reminds me of it. Upgraded to a i7-6700k with a new mobo and it’s great now. I can finally see what my gpu is capable of. Sadly now that is just impossible for sony. I can’t understand why they would do this? The people that put the specs together would have known. It’s not like Sony hired some cowboy builders to do the job.
      We should be seeing a huge difference with this gpu, but it’s just not the case.And it cannot be fixed. The cpu is already overclocked. And overclocking it more will give the tiniest of improvements that will barely be noticeable and will just generate more heat.
      I’m baffled?