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Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 Games Receive New ‘Plays on Xbox One’ Retail Branding

Microsoft looks to be trying to take full advantage of its impressive backwards compatible library on Xbox One, as users have recently spotted some rebranding for reprinted Xbox 360 titles at retail.

While a number of physical Xbox 360 games now include prominent ‘Plays on Xbox One’ stickers as pointed out by Twitter user Robert Goode, the company also seems to be experimenting with a brand new SKU for its backwards compatible 360 titles.

Fellow Twitter George Hrvinak noticed a pair of Bethesda-published games – Doom 3 and Fallout 3 – packaged in Xbox One-style boxes at his local Walmart. A disclaimer printed on the front of the case explains to users that they’ll have to download the game on their Xbox One to be able to play it on the console.

What do you think of this branding? Is it a smart marketing strategy by Microsoft, or potentially confusing to customers? Sound off in the comments below.

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