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Dishonored 2 PC Patch Imminent; Press Receive Updated Build

A patch that promises to fix a number of performance issues on the PC version of Dishonored 2 is imminent – and selected press already have access to an updated build of the game.

Several hours ago, build update tracker SteamDB confirmed the creation of new depots in the Dishonored 2 package titled “patch2” and “betapatch” – suggesting developer Arkane was testing the patch prior to its impending execution.

We can now also confirm that members of the press have received a revised build of the game for review and testing purposes; so far, it seems to address many of the performance woes users have experienced since the action-adventure stealth title launched on PC on November 11.

Earlier in the week, game director Harvey Smith admitted he was “really feeling it” for those affected by the issues, and said the team were working over the weekend to complete work on an essential patch. Hopefully, their hard work will have paid off.

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  • Ivan Sorce

    some people can’t play dishonored 2 because they don’t have a CPU with sse4.1