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Ubisoft Hopes to Have Watch Dogs 2’s Seamless Multiplayer Fixed by the Weekend

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2’s seamless multiplayer may be working again as soon as this weekend, publisher Ubisoft has this evening announced.

The online element of the hacking theme action-adventure title has been plagued with frame rate issues and crashes since last week, with the studio disabling the game’s seamless multiplayer altogether until it has had time to address the problem.

In an email to Power Up Gaming, Ubisoft has this evening issued an update on Watch Dogs 2’s multiplayer, stating that it is currently conducting “extensive internal testing of a solution” and that it hopes to “begin deploying the fix in a patch and turn on seamless multiplayer as soon as this weekend”.

Its full statement reads:

“We have been prioritizing finding a solution to the online connection frame rate issue, so we can activate the seamless multiplayer feature in the game. We’re currently conducting extensive internal testing of a solution to ensure it causes no regression to the core single player experience, as well as smoothly integrates into the seamless multiplayer.

If the solution works as intended, we would begin deploying the fix in a patch and turn on seamless multiplayer as soon as this weekend. This is the scenario that we are all hoping for. But if during these tests we see that the game’s stability with seamless multiplayer still needs work, seamless online will remain deactivated and we will continue to investigate and test solutions.

We sincerely appreciate fans’ support and patience during this process. Meanwhile, users still have full access to the open world, campaign, side activities and the opportunity to play Co-op missions or free roam with their friends.”

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