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Overwatch Discounted 42% on PlayStation Store in Time for Free Weekend

Overwatch Cast

Overwatch has been today discounted on the PlayStation Store, as Blizzard’s popular hero shooter kicks off its free weekend.

For a limited time, the title can be picked up digitally for $34.79 – effectively price matching an Amazon promotion launched earlier for the physical version of the game.

Blizzard and Sony will be hoping to capitalise on increased eyeballs on the game, as between today and Monday, November 21, developer Blizzard is making the title free-to-play for all users, with the game’s full roster of 22 heroes and 13 maps available at no cost.

Any progression made by users taking advantage of the offer will also carry over should they wish to purchase the game at a later date – although trophies and achievements will be disabled during the duration of the event.

Console users must have either an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus membership to play Overwatch, whilst PC users must sign up for a account and download the official desktop app.

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