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Sony Teases PlayStation Store Black Friday Deals; Confirms Start Date

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Sony has today sent an email campaign teasing “all sorts of deals” coming to the PlayStation Store in time for Black Friday.

According to the email shot, the PS Store’s sales will start on Thursday, November 24 at a minute past midnight, and continue until 11:59 PM GMT on Monday, November 28.

While the exact nature of the deals on offer has yet to be revealed, users should expect substantial discounts on a range of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita titles.


The email also provides a link to the PlayStation Store’s Black Friday section, which will go live when the promotion officially launches on Thursday.

The email campaign is currently being sent by SIEE to those in mainland Europe, the UK and Australasia; it is expected that North Americans will receive a similar message soon.

For those in the US looking to grab a bargain in the meantime, a number of retailers including Amazon have launched their own range of pre-Black Friday deals.

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    “Sony teases performance metrics……” “Fails to deliver on said performance and has to release another system sooner than later…”

    And will continue to fail on delivering a smoother and more enjoyable experience because they think console gaming at 4K is going to be the now. How about you guys get the games running at a stable and consistent 60fps before trying to add more smoke and mirrors to the mix.

    1080 60fps on a console needs to be the standard and not this 4K garbage which is a pipe dream. Yeah take that 30 FPS consistency with major drops in performance that take you right out of the half baked experience you just paid for. I’ll stick with 100+FPS on a 100hz+ monitor….

    • Alex

      Listen, if you’ve got something against consoles, keep it to yourself, as I realise all of us would want to have a 100fps+ PC, but not many can afford to invest that money into a PC.

      Secondly, what you are writing is not relevant to the topic of this post; it is on Black Friday deals, you are talking about the PS4 pro, and if you want to let off steam about this, at least go to a more relevant post (I realise this is slightly contradictory to my opening statement but I do not see it as extremely relevant).

      Finally, I don’t think there’s much point hating PCs or a certain console/consoles as we all enjoy gaming, and people should be able to enjoy themselves and game in whichever way they want; and so stop slandering companies on whether you think that their product is good or not.


        You are right… My apologies on my misplaced frustration.

        • Alex

          Don’t worry; it happens to everyone…