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Battlefield 1 Dev Admits Update May Have Affected Texture Quality; Working to Fix Screen Flicker


DICE has accepted that a recent patch may have affected the quality of textures in Battlefield 1, while it works to resolve a screen flickering issue introduced for users with particular GPU set-ups.

While discussing the alleged visual degradation and performance issues introduced by patch 1.02 on PC, PS4 Pro and PS4, producer David Sirland suggested that while no systematic rendering changes had been made to the game in the latest title update, certain data allocation tweaks may have affected the visual quality of textures under certain circumstances:

On a related but separate note, a number of users have been reporting screen flickering and blinking issues on the PC version of Battlefield 1 since installing its 1.02 update, with anecdotal evidence suggesting that the problem is limited to NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire users, as well as those with multi-GPU set-ups.

While EA’s official support channels have rather unhelpfully stated that they don’t officially support SLI or Crossfire, NVIDIA technical marketer Andrew Burnes has acknowledged the issue, and confirmed that the company is looking to resolve the issue in collaboration with DICE. In a forum post on, he said:

“Flickering in Battlefield 1 was introduced by a game update. We are working with DICE to find a solution, and also investigating possible SLI profile changes.”

While these issues will inevitably frustrate those players affected, DICE certainly appears to be taking a proactive approach to resolving user complaints – and we’ll hopefully see another patch sooner than later.

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    Well at least they are working on it…. This is the first BF game I have not bought day one, but that is due to my own personal preferences. As of late it seems like the consumer is getting hosed with sub-par performing products, so I choose to wait these new game releases out.

    Awfully disheartening when an “update” borks the game for people…

  • Chris

    June 2019 update: Texture streaming/pop-in is still messed up. Really sad they just gave up on fixing this. I’ve heard this was a good looking game, but it’s hard to see that given the graphics are a mix of early n64 textures that don’t load in time.