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HoloBall Dev Says PSVR Certification Process is a ‘Gauntlet’; Already Working on Next Title

Holoball PSVR

The developer of the PSVR’s latest release, HoloBall, has stated that Sony’s certification process for the system is a ‘gauntlet to get through’, while confirming that it is already working on its next title.

Independent studio TreeFortress Games took to Reddit for an ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session earlier, where it discussed various aspects of its Tron-infused take on Pong.

According to designer Mike Gaboury, the process of getting HoloBall certified by Sony took around three months from start to finish, with lead programmer Shawn Blais adding: “Sony actually has two rounds of certification for VR titles, so it’s quite the gauntlet to get through… We learned a ton.”

Meanwhile, in response to a fan question about their plans for the future, Gaboury confirmed that he has already started to work on the studio’s next VR title, while Blais finishes up adding post-launch online multiplayer support to HoloBall.

With regards to other post-launch features, Blais stated: “It all depends on the success of the game, but if it does well, we definitely want to add a few more backgrounds and additional music tracks.”

A room-scale virtual reality take on the seminal sports title, HoloBall is scheduled to land on the PlayStation Store later today, and will include PS4 Pro support at launch.

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