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Watch Dogs 2 Faces Further Online Issues; Ubisoft Working to Improve Matchmaking

Watch Dogs 2

Despite several title updates in the weeks since its release on November 15, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 is reportedly continuing to face a number of online multiplayer issues.

Days after admitting the hacking-themed title featured a game-breaking exploit, community developer Chase Straight returned to Reddit earlier this weekend to admit that Ubisoft is aware of connection and matchmaking issues faced by a number of players – particularly those on the Xbox One.

In a complaints thread on the Watch Dogs subreddit created by a disgruntled Xbox One user, Straight said:

“Hey guys, so we’re aware that some people are having repeated connection issues, especially on XB1. Overnight we’ve worked on some temporary fixes that will help alleviate the issues, and we’re looking at pushing a patch ASAP for something more permanent.

“As a workaround, try only doing seamless activities for now (not using the multiplayer app). We’ve found issues with matchmaking using your phone, but if you drive around and look for seamless activities they have a much higher success rate.”

Several hours later, Straight informed the Watch Dogs 2 community that although no patch had been released, Ubisoft had made a number of server-side changes that they believed would alleviate some of the matchmaking issues faced by players. In a post dedicated to the update, he said:

“Earlier today we made some server-side updates that we believe could help improve matchmaking.

“If you’re still having some issues, please report what they are on this thread, and let us know which platform you’re playing on (also please specify if you are doing seamless activities, or using the Multiplayer App). If you’re still having some issues, but have seen improvement, please report that too.”

Judging by the player feedback received so far, it seems Ubisoft still has a ways to go – on both PS4 and Xbox One – to improve online matchmaking.

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